The objectives of IPA FPE in one row

  • To creat an on-line platform for the participants where professional knowledge that FE’s have a individually brought together, discussed, commented and thus shared and exchanged. Where the professionalism, practical applicability, uniformed research methods and quality predominate (in the current situation, FE’s cannot interact with colleagues after working hours. There is no independent platform to discuss).
  • To stimulates the mutual collaboration between FE’s in general and it offers support their personal professional growth.
  • Participants of IPA FPE can 24 x 7 ask, each other’s help by call or send a message and encourage each other to improve their own and others’ professionalism for a safer society;
  • Establish a Forensic Online Library 24 × 7, where members all relevant information on forensic research methodologies and such can find, provided that they are registered and / or validated or are planned. Access to the Forensic Online Library will be cared IC4You2. The participants of IPA FPE may access information.The reality is that FE participant in many cases do not have access to such information sources within their own organisation or are not able to access such information sources and are entirely dependent on themselves to develop further.
  • Assisting participants in those situations / circumstances of an internal nature, which have a negative impact on the professional results. With an eye for that side of the organization will IPA FPE attempts to give suggestions so that he / she can perform the work more effective and yet who can continue to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Attention to education and training, etc.. op het gebied van forensisch onderzoek is iets wat in een later stadium de aandacht krijgt.
  • Working through IC4You2 a quality-management and audit scheme for Forensic Police Units in the direction of ISO 17020.
  • Working on Quality- and audit checks will positively influence the competence urge.
  • Setting up the register for FE is twofold, a. For determining the number of experts present and type in an organization and where their working location is and b. as part of the “Qualification Chain of Professionalism”, with this registration this provides a. in the search for a suitable expert, who can temporarily assist elsewhere as a qualified STE, and b. the registration provides a qualification ID for the FE, which can be used at organisations registration process if the QCP-model is installed.

All these points bring together the common mission,

Stand for and Ensure an Accurate and Just Investigation

a major step towards!