Service that IPA FPE supplies can be divided into three categories

Service providing for FE's participants has priority. This services aim is to advance FE's professionalism, through which personal matters are being minimalized. This is advance by:
  • Discussions    Between the members discussions are possible in an independent virtual world about new and existing methods, techniques and instruments. Groups, such as the 'Forensic Quality Circles', 'Circles for related Professionals' and 'General Questions Circle' in which professionalism, quality, functionality en relevance will be part of those discussions. Where matters such as working conditions, testing and the use of techniques by assisting each-other in finding solutions will lead to higher professionalism.
  • Forensic Registration Information & Exchange Centre   The dynamic “FRIEC” provides the participants the latest up-to-date knowledge and information. Important for maintaining a FE’s & SAE's professionalism.
  • Promoting of forensic knowledge   The promoting of knowledge by participants has not only been made possible, it is their responsibility doing so as they made clear in ordering their STE status by IC4You2. This type of participation contribute to the increase knowledge.
  • Register as FE's and SAE's      FE’s and SAE's can register at IC4You2 and receive QF/SAE ID. These professionals get their own marker on IC4You2 world map of professional. The marker reverse also that these professional follow the QCP and with a link to their data such as expertise, experience and location of the FE’s or SAE's become visible.
  • Register van Forensic Services       Forensic Services are at IC4You2, so FE can find Forensic laboratories if they are register then it will mentioning the validity of accreditation of recognised areas of expertise.  This register offers Police, Judges, public prosecutor's offices an up-date view which laboratories have accreditation for what area's of expertise and where those are located.
  • Working on shared responsibility        Participants of IPA FPE recognise that their prequires a shared responsibility, it is something that does not stand alone. Consequently, we jointly started by searching for each other and determine what is important and where priorities lie.
This service is meant for people working in the public sector, who will get in contact with cases were knowledge of forensic inquiries is needed.
Providing information about validated used Expertise, Methods an/ or used Techniques is stored at IC4You2. This information service belongs to IC4You2. To Check information is only possible when entering a correct FE/ S/ P/ D/ R ID into ID Checker of IC4You2.  Paid entrance is available to the “Forensic On-line Library” and the “Register van FPIMTE” (Forensic Police Investigation Methods, Techniques en Equipment).   (upcoming)
This service had been made possible by IC4You2, in order to have IPA FPE grown and stimulate her participants in ’professionalism. This is how members will repair the shortness of forensic knowledge, both for themselves as the statutory organisations.
 *Click here  For more info about STE, see content Consultancy in Professional Expertise

 *Click here  For more info about STE, see content Consultancy in Professional Expertise