Register of Forensic Experts (FE’s)

By registration of the FE’s and the cooperation between IC4You2 and IPA FPE a big step forward can be made into semi transparency of education and training, leading to more appreciation for and notification to professionals working in the field of forensic investigations. This not only is important for the occupational group itself, but also for the society.

The aim of this register is:

  • Having a good overview of the Forensic Police Experts, their expertise, experience, organisation they work in and the location.
  • Being able to contact members for specific questions or for their assistance.
  • Updating of the FE-status of members, having a Short Term Expert (STE)- notification in order to have them assist for advice or activities of control.
  • Reacting fast and adequate on requests for forensic knowledge and advice on short term issues or long term issues.
  • Third parties can verify using name and expertise code if a person had been qualified. An answer could be ‘yes’ of ‘no’ or not registered as an expected future model.

IC4You2 has the responsibility for this register as she takes care of issues, such as personnel technique and legal status if STE’s deploy within the public sector. Registration is voluntarily and en-grafted to become partners in STE projects. IC4You2 offers them free time work on the growth of knowledge of the government. This means FE’s with STE-notification shall gain payment out of their professional expertise, combined with more recognition. The deployment as a STE is just meant for governmental institutes that aspire reaching a certain level of forensic knowledge. This has to do with the quick change of methods in the investigations. This aspiring is time consuming, but issues of investigation could be lost if the knowledge isn’t up-to-date. FE’s par excellence are the experts who can help in this matter, experienced as they are in giving an insight.


The more registered FE’s, the bigger the chance having knowledge of forensic investigation available for others. For the public sector, in particular the jurisdiction the shortage of forensic knowledge is huge. As forensic inquiry is part of the case in the trial, Public Prosecutors Office often deliberates. Insufficient knowledge could lead to dismissing the case making the opponent the winner. Our help could lead to just decisions facing those forensic issues. All of this will have a positive effect on Justice, Court, Police and Society.