None FE Participants

None – FE-, as None FE can opt for membership. This is group of persons, working in the public sector. People who have a direct or indirect relationship with the forensic police investigation, in the field of case investigation / preparation / process management, training, management, etc.

This type of membership is available for people in the following job categories:

    • Commissioner of Police
    • Public Attorney
    • Judge
    • Members of the Court / High Court
    • Government Professionals with comparable profile.
    • Special Appointed Enforcers (SAE)

A request of them to be a participant is in itself recognition of the mission of IPA FPE, the exclusion of them as a group would create a negative image effect.

Services for none FE’s participants:

    • Access provide to the Forensic On-line Library.
    • Access provide on the Forensic Quality Circles, in a group of generalist.
    • Providing practical advice aimed Forensic (STE)

Since they could use, their knowledge in the field of Forensic Police Investigation up-to-date and committed to their work.
This was not sufficient either, they can react on requesting a written advisory to action. Through the Register of FE will be filed with the matters relevant expert.

If you work in the line of investigation you have to be aware, that every day part are in high keeping the human rights. Which can play an important role in investigation and interpreting situations and evidence and the further processing in the line of a fair investigation.