1. Services to participants of IPA FPE

⇒ Access on the discussions platform FQC

⇒ Access at FRIEC of IC4You2

⇒ Participants will receive a personal QF/SAE ID

⇒ Participants can have a personal marker on the world map of IPA FPE

Working on shared responsibility:
IPA FPE participants recognise that their membership requires a shared responsibility, something that thus does not stand on itself alone. In finding each other here as professionals with a mission here, in fine-tuning each other in professionalism in putting professionalism above personal issues, we consider that important and the way to serve the society.
These services have been made possible by IC4You2, enabling IPA FPE to focus on their participants and encourage professionalism with the ability to restore the balance to the lack of forensic knowledge in the public sector.
The participants of IPA FPE take responsibility, because they take pride in their profession and the social importance of it. Do this with other FE's who like to bring also balance in professionalism. Because what about yourself???
  • ⇒ Do you know sure if you have all knowledge as FE's or SAE's?
  • ⇒ Do you receive everything what is necessary in order to carry out your profession?
  • ⇒ How does your environment response on your needs? (leaders and managers)?
  • ⇒ Do you get sufficient responses on what you need (techniques, equipment, information, education)?
  • ⇒ Do you have access on the latest professional skill information of most recent development on methods and/or techniques?
  • ⇒ Do you have work place with the necessary space which qualified to your profession?
  • ⇒ Can you freely share your professional information? (It’s not about case information)
  • ⇒ Can you discuss with people of the same level and/or higher?
  • ⇒ Can you communicate with other experts?
The goal is to ensure that all professionals within the chain of investigation and/or police organisations have enough access to training, knowledge and support so that they can work correctly and efficiently.
  • The fact is their expertise is important to society.
  • Access to last expertise update must be regulated.
  • Some Managers conceals the problem.
  • Experts role gets more under pressure.
  • Acknowledgement to professionalism is needed.
  • Expert should get more ownership in that.
  • The professional involvement is high.
  • A healthy helping competitive stimulant.
  • Quality improvement as a result.
  • Expertise knowledge awareness.
  • Methods, Technique, etc.
  • Information about Laboratories, Services.
  • Information over, training & education program.
  • Disciplines, Systems, & Devices.
  • Registered and qualified Product & Services.
  • Quality improvement as a result.
  • Pressure decreases with professionals.
  • The job satisfaction increases.
  • Quality improvement as a result.