Goal / Mission

The purpose of the IPA FPE is to set up a central information point where Forensic Experts (FE) and Special Assigned Enforcers (SAE) from the Police, Special Enforcers and Science so they can communicate with each other, about information, methods, techniques and software etc. One central place where the forensic knowledge and experience level may be held by the exchange and widening access. In an independent environment where FE’s/SAE’s feel free to speak and can discuss their profession. FE’s/SAE’s know that external personal or professional circumstances can influence the professional outcome at work. IPA FPE will provide them with  suggestions to change that. If it is necessary, IPA FPE will talk to the relevant authority. Sharing knowledge and shared recognition of the need therefore is one of the basic principles on which IPA FPE participants fulfil their mission and professional growth. IPA FPE wants to look for professional solutions and / or improvements for the individual participant.

One of the answer is Forensic Registration Information Center (FRIEC) an initiation of IC4You2, where participants have access to. With this it will IPA FPE participants and science / theory and practice closer together. The public sector is not able to do or to regulate so this independently in a good structure, because of the fact they are part of the system.

Each field of expertise has its own virtual quality circle for exchanging knowledge and skills, a safe place to talk about all aspects related to the improvement of professional performance in terms of quality.

IPA FPE ensures that every participant gets access to the necessary requirements or requested information, methods or material, etc.

How important is the role of a FE’s or SAE’s

Without a doubt the group FE and SAE have an important role to solving and prevent crime. Their knowledge, experience, training etc. significant. in the evidence and to determination of the “facts”, because these constitute crimes / incidents persons and / or our society. It is therefore important that an FE on the information to be provided so that it (and they naturally) accurately can work and can guarantee fair investigation.

The work of an FE and SAE don’t get always the attention they deserves. Series on TV regularly give an incorrect picture of the real work. Such series provide the public, but also people of the court and / or the Public Prosecutor a false picture or view about the work- and potential of FE’s.

All of this has both a positive as well as a negative effect; the positive side is that forensic investigation is popular among the public, however the negative is the display of techniques used in such series, it puts people on the wrong foot. The real potential of the forensic investigation is actually different and more limited. It raises questions of citizens and of people of the court; “Why do FE’s/SAE’s not use the shown technique?” This all creates an expectation in the so-called ’Old Cases’

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