Forensic Quality Circles

The Forensic Quality Circles are for FE’s and SAE’s the most important places to be. It’s their place to share and collect common knowledge. At the moment, there is not such a place or right structure for talks and discussion available. The existing possibilities have already showed their limitations. It’s for FE’s and SAE’s quit difficult to be able to speak freely about or discuss the different professional aspects of an inquiry. An independent and central place is needed for that. IPA FPE actually is such an independent platform where FE’s and SAE’s freely can exchange their knowledge.


Discussions with each other will sharpens their minds and keep them focus on the basic principles of their profession. In every circle of discussions can FE’s and SAE’s contribute by motivating, advising and testing each other, to better the based quality in practice, efficiency and effectiveness, quality and functionality in work. It’s all about “forensic methods”, techniques, equipment, hard- and software and resources in order to contribute to the final finish.

IPA FPE gives the Fe’s and SAE’s a voice

Participants together get a voice and bring problems or obstacles forwards which influence their professional judgement of values as FE’s or SAE’s. Together they find a solution or a disagreement stays, they try it through appropriate channels and fail, then the Board of IPA FPE will step in. Remember, these problems or obstacles are brought up because they go against the motto and ethics of IPA FPE. The Board shall negotiate with authorities in order to find a solution. If such thing fails it will be brought out through IC4You2.

Which professions have access at FQC: Click here for going to overview the ‘Professions’

The categories PFR, FPE, FSE and PUM will be mention as FE.

Interaction between professionals takes place in the first place at their own Qualification Circle(QC). But everyone can also throughout the so-called General Question Circle(GQC) reach out pressing questions there’s is a possible to combine it with another bid for help via . All questions are based on the gathering of knowledge, to improve the professionalism and professional judgement in police investigations and / or the procedures. This is the same for all professionals who works in the domain of Special Assigned Enforce. Questions can never, directly or indirectly, be linked to any up-to-date FE or SEA case(s) in process.


This voice can be made ‘heard’ via QC / GQC: handling talks and discussions and questioning each other. It is said to be pointed at getting knowledge; increase each others professionals in inquiries and improving the processes. Talks, discussions or questions never can be linked, direct nor indirectly, to actual inquiries.