FE/SAE Participants

FE/SAE-participants are the backbone of the Association. Therefor, IPA FPE attention lies primarily with them. At the other hand it is up to them to fulfil the IPA FPE motto.

As it is in other professions, there are participants who go the extra mile and those who don’t. That’s why passive participants will count on them to a certain level.

Therefor IPA FPE knows this two categories as well:
– active participants (decreased fee)
– passive participants (normal fee).

It is important to know that, while choosing what participant you will be, an active membership entails greater responsibility. At the other hand, an active participant contributes to the professionalism of other participants.

The following options are available for (active) participants:
. input to the (forensic) online library;
. contribution to the development of new (forensic) work;
. optimising existing and new (forensic) research methods and its validation;
. monitoring,  promoting and registering new (forensic) methods, techniques, tools etc;
. contributions to communications about (forensic) topics for IPA FPE members
. f
or the public sector, participants can be deployed as a ‘short term expert’ (STE) via IC4You2 (paid) for, by giving training courses to/ or to clarify criminal investigations reports.

) activities as a short term expert (STE) in practical (forensic) investigation expertise for the public sector via IC4You2.

Together we make a success of IPA FPE!!!!!

Listed outside your expertise also any other capacities, whereto you IPA FPE and its members can continue to help.

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