FE Participants

FE-participants are the backbone of Association. IPA FPE attention therefore lies primarily with them than. They must make every day where again the motto of IPA FPE.

Because just like any other profession there are always participants who go the extra mile. These are called active participants where other participants can count on some degree.

Within the category FE participants also made a differentiation:

    • Active participants FE
    • FE passive participants

Depending on the choice you make is important to know, that active membership entails greater responsibility.

An active participant contributes which the professional skills of other participants be increased.

The following options are available for active participants :

    • Input to the forensic online library.
    • Contribution to the development of new forensic work.
    • Working in optimizing existing and new forensic research methods validation.
    • Oversee and monitor the new forensic methods, techniques, tools e.d.
    • The register of forensic investigation methods / Tools /Equipement/ Software etc. to promote
    • Contributions to those activities which IPA FPE pursuing with its members.
    • Topics put forward for the new column to members on the members site.
    • Working as a freelance STE (paid) with the aim of practical forensic investigation expertise within the public sector to bring(via IC4You2)

Together we make a success of IPA FPE!!!!!

Do you want to actively contribute to this success? Log in as an active participant …..

Listed outside your expertise also any other capacities, whereto you IPA FPE and its members can continue to help.