Recognise, Recognition and Valuation of commitment

The goal of IPA FPE is to make people aware of the importance of the role of a FE in relation to the security in the society . Their expertise, dedication, knowledge and experience combined with investigation methodologies and tools are elements needed to succeed in their mission / assignment. A special contribution that promotes to ‘Stand for and Ensure an Accurate and Just Investigation’ which should not pass by unnoticed. Participants can therefore recommand persons and / or tools and / or companies to be awarded. 

An Honorary membership only is meant for FE’s who participates in IPA FPE.

The awarding of a medal or a certificate is meant to government agencies, businesses, equipment and persons outside the public sector. Any recommendation will be presented to the Board of IPA FPE. They discuss the recommendation and do not support or reject it after the Board of Trustees.


The Board of IPA FPE will publish a positive decision. The Honorary membership is a great signal for all IPA FPE participants, but also encouraging to others. Because they have contributed by doing what counts or did such, the motto of IPA FPE enhanced an thus their mission(s).

Granting an Award is also possible for companies & government institutions that stimulated personnel to ‘Stand for and Ensure an Accurate and Just Investigation’ adapt to stimulate personnel. This all has a stmulating effect on work and accuracy and shall lead to better results. The criteria and procedures for this will follow next.