How become participant …

The membership is available for people who work with the police, National Forensic Institutes and those who have a role in law enforcement with a function that directly or indirectly relates to the forensic investigation. It’s the Forensic Experts (FE) on which IPA FPE makes its services at first available. FE are passionate people with their knowledge and experience, endeavor to uncover the truth, a crucial input determines the next step.

How and what we mean by FE’s

It is therefore important to understand first who falls under the heading of Forensic Experts(FE) FE make use of method, protocols and / or standards, Tools, Equipment and soft-/hardware scientifically proven, by.

FE are, for example,

  1. He / she is employed and entrusted with finding the truth in line of forensic police investigation;
  2. He / she works as FE and / or Scientist at the police or a nationally recognized forensic institute;
  3. He / she combines, knowledge, experience in forensic research methods and personal instincts;
  4. He / she works only with validated processes and equipment**.

* FE’s need to work effectively in the forensic investigation, quickly verifying of the status of future participant the forensic network is important. If there is no direct relationship within the police investigation field, the applicant must make it possible to do such a reliability check.

** Technical equipment and certain software programs is included.

If you like FE want a participant IPA FPE very want to go, you should know that if FE two ways to participate, namely: as an active participant or being a passive participant. Both will give more or fewer rights, challenges and / or obligations.

An FE can contribute to the preservation of forensic practical knowledge, professional exchange with other FEs. In addition, it may form part of the development- and validation groups for new investigation methods.

People can be participants who are not FE … ..

Which people can also become participants Info about this click here.

For all categories you only become participant on invitation .

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Every call must be verifiable within the forensic network, because control of the personal identification and status is not otherwise possible.