The Independent Professional Association of Forensic Police Experts (IPA FPE) is an independent none-profit organisation, for professionals who are Experienced, Certified and Quality in the line of forensic police investigation expertise. The basis of IPA FPE lies in the Netherlands it was founded by the owner of IC4You2. Both have a common goal to defend the professional interests and knowledge and acceleration of Forensic Expert (FE) en Special Assigned Enforcers (SAE).

IPA FPE wants to restore the missing link, in the independent information provision for a FE and SAE.

Together with the affiliated participants of IPA FPE wants to ensure the mutual enrichment knowledge, and also to promote knowledge in practical sense and strive towards knowledge acceleration for the prosecution, prosecutors and other public bodies.

Borders of the Netherlands don’t imply that services of IPA FPE outside the borders are not open to others. The profession of a Forensic Expert is a professional ethics “Stand for and Ensure an Accurate and Just Investigations” also outside the Netherlands. A basic principle and a “must” in the sharing of knowledge that, experience and needs rather than being constrained by national borders, After all, the result of each investigation and action  of a FE’s or a SAE, contribute to make society a safer place.